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Ivy Gourd

Coccinia grandis, Ivy Gourd, Kundru: A Miraculous Vegetable

Coccinia grandis, the ivy gourd, also known as baby watermelon, little gourd, gentleman's toes, tindora, or (misleadingly) gherkin is grown for its edible young shoots and edible fruits.

Nutritional Value:

Apart from their delightful taste Ivy gourd is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and mineral. Consuming 100 gram of ivy gourd supplies, 1.4mg of Iron, 0/08mg of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), 0.07 mg of Vitamin B1(Thiamine), 1.6g of Total dietary fiber and 40 mg of Calcium. Ivy Gourd will provide you with the best 10 health benefits that you can enjoy by including this vegetable in your daily diet.

  1. Protects the nervous system
  2. Promotes metabolism in the body
  3. Might prevent cancer
  4. Helps in normalizing blood sugar levels
  5. Prevents kidney stone
  6. Promotes heart health
  7. Strengthens bones
  8. Promotes better immunity
  9. Promotes digestive health
  10. Might help in treating depression

Apart from the above, ivy gourd can also be helpful in treating iron deficiency related anemia due to its iron content. It is also useful for weight management, as it provide nourishment and satiation without adding much to the total calorie intake. It has anti-histamine qualities which support the use of this vegetable as topical treatment to cure skin irritations and allergies. In ayurveda, ivy gourd is also used in preparing medications for anorexia and coughing.