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Evergreen Organics management team led by Mr. Bhaskar Patel and Mr. David Moth, whose combined experience brings over 80 years in office management, high levels of customer service, distribution, sales marketing and an extensive knowledge of the Asian produce and organic farming industry. Both David and Bhaskar have a keen eye on the market, a great network of contacts and lots of experience. Today David and Bhaskar are responsible for the Evergreen Organics Belize’s success where their blend of experience and enthusiasm complement each other well.

The company employs both full time and seasonal staff, without these dedicated members of the farm all of this would not be possible. Their hard work, dedication, and care makes Evergreen Organics Belize what it is. Our amazing field crew not only weed, harvest, wash up all the vegetables but also everything else in between are 100% committed to fresh, healthy, safe, organic produce every day. After all, our friends and family enjoy our produce as well.

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Our Team

Bhaskar Patel

Co-Founder – Production Director

Bhaskar Patel, born in Zambia, moved to England for further education at the age of 17. He studied accountancy In England and then with his brother Balkrisna Patel started a retail business with the guidance and help of his parents, who themselves had a very rewarding and successful business in Zambia . The Patels successfully developed their retail, wholesale and real estate investments in UK., and a manufacturing and farming operation in India..This led to several mergers and acquisitions which broadened the scope of the Patel’s business to include the acquisition of farmland in Belize with the intension to cultivate organic Asian produce. Bhaskar is passionate about growing a market-leading business which is highly engaged with its customers, its suppliers and its employees. Most importantly leads the development of the Company’s agricultural strategy.

David Moth

Co-Founder – Finance and Administration Director

No stranger to hard work, David would regularly drive lorries into London, pack orders for a large wholesale company by hand and deliver the orders on timely manner. David when he was in his twenties went into business for himself.

David has considerable experience in several business sectors having started his career in London, England in the travel industry and followed by opening an office in Florida, USA. He has worked hard to build his business interests in Orlando and he thrives on building high-performing finance teams. He has significant experience in the fields of corporate finance and managing company policies regarding capital requirements, debt, taxation, equity and acquisitions as appropriate, often having to work with various departments to help them plan and manage their own budgets that he has acquired over the years both in the UK first and then in the USA... Today David is involved in key decision making and is responsible for the staff’s welfare.

Balkrishna Patel

Communications Director

Balkrishna Patel is the Company’s Investment manager with 35 years experience in retail and wholesale business including start-ups in Zambia, England and the USA. Now he is Based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., and he works closely with customers and a number of agricultural bodies within the industry in the USA, and Canada

Krunal Patel

Group Commercial Director

Krunal’s great interest in the farming business and affection for Belize began from an early age. Later on, throughout his degree and during I.T. school, Krunal started, ran and sold a number of successful businesses. His thirst for a challenge and increasing entrepreneurial flair meant that a career in I.T. was looking unlikely. So once his studies finished, Krunal joined Evergreen Organics Belize and is now responsible for for all sales, marketing and procurement activities. These include brand management as well as fresh, frozen and ambient foods private label experience.

Viraag Patel

General Manager

Founder of TOP CROWN ENTERPRISES (U.K.) and Tropifarm Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. (India) a food based manufacturing unit. After Viraag attended agricultural college in India where he achieved a Diploma in Agricultural Business Management . While in India Viraag undertook farm work at the family’s own farms. He has high levels of experience within the Company’s operational and commercial environments and in his current role he leads the Company’s farming operations where he is able to combine his skills in farm management and operational leadership.

Viraag is responsible for crop production, managing the pack-house and working with the large retailers. Viraag has introduced a wide range of improvements to Evergreen Organics Belize that have raised productivity, broadened the product ranges and helped to improve customer service. From developments in production techniques to increasing the length of the growing season by using covers, mulches and tunnels, and modernising irrigation systems across the farms Viraag has made a deep and lasting impact on the business