Good For You, Good For Nature
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At Evergreen Organics Belize we say that a sustainable, responsible business is a good business.

We incorporate many different practices with a promise to put more into the soil than we take out, ensuring a healthier Earth for our future. Evergreen Organics Belize takes sustainability seriously. Organic farming is more than just growing vegetables without pesticides. It is about letting nature lead, building healthy soils, biological diversity and social justice. We have never lost sight that growing great food requires passion and perseverance

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is built on the following:

Environmental Stewardship

‘We understand the environmental impact of our operations and constantly seek opportunities to improve it.’

With growing concerns over the sustainability of food production, we understand that we have a role to play in protecting our environment. We are determined to effectively manage our business activities to ensure we have a positive environmental impact.

  • Cover crops are planted between crops and at the end of each season as well as on any fallow ground. Cover crops help protect the soil from wind erosion, increase organic matter, keep excess nutrients from leaching into ground or surface water, provide nutrients to the cash crop that follows, help improve soil structure and can provide food for bees at critical times of the year.
  • Crop rotation is used to minimize the depletion of soil nutrients as well as limit any disease or insect pressures that may arise from planting the same crops year after year.
  • Compost is applied before each crop.
  • Application of rock minerals and other soil amendments per soil tests.
  • Use of beneficial bacteria and fungi.
  • Monitor water capacity, soil nitrates, and micro/macro nutrients by soil testing done annually.
  • Tissue sampling of crops through their life cycle.
  • Visual inspection for earthworms, soil compaction, erosion, etc.
  • Use of resistant varieties.
  • Clean up old fields immediately after harvest ends which greatly reduces insect/disease pressures.
  • Mechanically and manually control weeds.

Community Impact

We at Evergreen Organics Belize will make a positive, measurable contribution to the communities in which we operate.

We believe that Evergreen Organics Belize has an important part to play in maintaining the vitality of our communities. This goes beyond our obvious role as a major employer and the contribution that our business makes to the local economy – it includes the support we give to local groups and charities, our engagement with local government and our involvement with community driven initiatives.

Workplace Culture

Evergreen Organics Belize believes that our farm workers are the core assets of the company.  Over 90% of our farm workers are employed year round and have been with us for many years.  On top of providing a reliable and consistent job.

We offer a multitude of additional benefits. We value the contribution of all our employees and are committed to providing a safe, stimulating, rewarding and collaborative working environment.

Working at Evergreen Organics Belize

Look at the careers we offer and see what you can do to be a pioneer of innovation and change at Evergreen Organics Belize.

We want the best people to work with us developing the business and delivering our products to the world. We want our people to succeed at what they do best and continue to learn something new every day.


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